Meet the Maker

Say hello to the brain (and fingers) behind the whole operation. This is The Sewing Alchemist. 

The Sewing Alchemist is a small business owned and run solely by Ellen who lives in Bedfordshire, England with her two rescue pups and patient partner. She works full time and spends all her spare time sewing and bringing her customers ideas to life.


She brings a modern twist to your old Granny’s embroidery!

She started sewing as a hobby through the cold winter months and instantly fell in love with the craft. Since then she has established herself on social media and on the global online selling site Etsy. She has been featured on Buzzfeed for her cheeky floral work and has also received praise and recognition from fabric designers ‘Lewis & Irene’. She has sold limited edition hoops to, appeared in Issue 17 of ‘Rock n Roll Bride’ magazine, taught an exclusive workshop to the Martha Brook London team and was featured by Pretty & Punk Weddings.


All this has been achieved in just over five years of learning to sew and establishing her shop. Five years on and the journey continues. Ellen enjoys creating unique, custom pieces for her customers and lovingly sews every order in her home.


"I think for me the most rewarding part of it is hearing back from my incredible customers and knowing that my work made a difference to their special day."

Supporting Small Businesses


As well as running her own small business, Ellen is also actively supporting others who have also created their own brands. Ellen is a great believer in shopping small and spreading the love on social media regarding the amazing small business owners that are working so hard to change the face of shopping handmade.


Not only does she support small business by purchasing from these sellers but she also promotes them through social media posts, collaborations, giveaways and much more. From this stand she has formed some close online relationships with other small business owners and together they are promoting a positive attitude particularly amongst fellow 'girl bosses' to ensure a message of support is spread, not competition.

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