Our Dobby the House Elf hoop is the perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan and also acts as a handy 'lost sock' holder.


The hoop reads 'Give Socks, Free Elves' and has Dobby the House Elf in the centre with his very own sock on and is surrounded by brackets of branches. It also has a peg at the bottom that can hold those odd socks that always seem to be lying around, making it the perfect addition to a laundry room.


The hoop is backed with white felt and is finished off with the company's logo sticker, creating a crisp, clean finish to the piece.


Each hoop is lovingly hand designed and embroidered by me, making each piece truly unique and a real talking point for any space. Every order is carefully wrapped in tissue paper, ribbon and bubble wrap and accompanied by my business card in a well packaged box.

Give Socks Free Elves Embroidery Hoop

Color: White Cotton
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