Most Requested Makes of Last Year

With 2018 well underway and a whole stack of new and exciting hoops to make, I thought it would be worth reflecting on what designs most captured the hearts of my customers last year and what I haven’t stopped making for the past twelve months. Some of these for me are no brainers and I think if I truly put my mind to it I could probably sew them with my eyes closed, providing I had a pack of plasters close by. Others however, have taken me by surprise which I think is the thing about being a maker. You never quite know how people will take your work and there have certainly been pieces in the past that I thought I would never make again yet keep appearing in my order book and vice versa.


1.‘Design Your Own’ Floral Wreath Hoop

Unsurprisingly my bestseller is still as popular as ever and this piece was ordered a whopping 34 times in the last twelve months, not including any custom orders that were inspired by the design. This first became popular after it was featured on Buzzfeed back in October 2016 and in all honesty I think this piece will always be popular with customers new and old simply because it is so versatile. Want an expletive sewn onto it? I can do that! Want the perfect gift to commemorate a wedding? I can do that too! That is the thing with this design- the delicate florals and bold leaves pair perfectly with whatever message you’d like to have sewn into the centre. Although I must admit sewing 1,156 leaves has been more than a little tedious…

2. ‘Christmas Car’ Mini Hoop

I started selling these hoops late last year after finally purchasing the fabric that I’d had my eye on and had in my wish list for quite some time. Initially I had visions of using this fabric for quotes but actually I only ended up making one of these after realising just how much wastage comes with this fabric. Instead I decided to frame each individual car and try to sell them as tree decorations. Although I loved them I didn’t know how they would be received. It is safe to say you all loved them and before I knew it I was ordering more fabric and hoops in every other day to keep up with demand.

3. ‘Family’ Wreath Hoop

Now this was surprising at the time. I made this piece as a gift to the super talented and lovely blogger Ainsley to showcase my work in the hope that one day in the future I might actually be available to attend one of her incredible ‘Mama Meet and Market’ events. I am, by my own admission, a bit of a fan girl of her Instagram account and have followed the adventures of her family for quite some time. I had a clear vision of the piece in my mind and when I paired it with the gorgeous navy fabric I just knew it would fit in her stunning, newly decorated front room. A photo of it in her home and one giveaway later and I had messages whizzing into my inbox before I knew it. Even now I still get requests for the very same hoop that is photographed in Ainsley’s home pinging into my inbox all these months later. Did I expect it? No. Honestly, no. At the time I loved the design and felt really proud of what I could achieve in an evening but I never expected to have so many people want exactly the same thing. Looking back now I realise that much like my floral wreath, this piece too is incredibly versatile and a great gift for a number of special occasions. I just wish I hadn’t chosen to create another design with so many leaves…

4. ‘At Home’ Hoop

This is certainly one I wasn’t expecting to see in my list but I guess that is what it’s all about- surprising yourself. If I sat back smugly every time I came up with a new design or made a hoop, convinced it would sell I wouldn’t be the person that I am today. This again was another hoop that only started because I fell in love with a piece of fabric. Luckily I have some amazing friends who adore my work and are always happy to let my creative juices flow and test pieces for me. It seems as though it worked because this was requested a number of times last year and gave me the confidence to make more one off pieces and test the waters…

5. ‘You Have the Emotional Range of a Teaspoon’ Hoop

This is a personal favourite of mine and links quite nicely with what I was saying about the previous design. This was a case of girl sees fabric, girl falls in love with fabric and then girl buys fabric. As soon as I saw it I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and this is easily one of my favourite quotes from the series. Although sewing the text is very time consuming and requires of black thread, the end result is totally worth it and I am so glad that a design that I love has been so well received.

I wonder what my most popular hoops of 2018 will be…

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