Meet the Maker: An Interview with Katescraftworld

I love sharing businesses that I myself have discovered and bought from as well as those who I have developed great friendships with. Well this business combines all of that in a fun, bold way! I have lost count of just how many pieces I have had off of Kate but they are all wonderful and unique in their own way and a real talking point that's for sure!

1. Tell us a little about you and your business.

I’m Kate, I recently turned 30 and I live in the north east of England with my husband and our adorable pug, Louie.

2. What inspired your business name?

I wanted my business name to be versatile, as at the time I didn’t want to just make one type of item. KatesCraftWorld is a great umbrella for that.

3. How did you first discover your passion for your craft?

My hubby was looking for some quirky decor to liven up his work desk, and liked the idea of some plants, but in something more than just a plant pot. That’s when my love for making my planters began and it’s still going strong to this day!

4. How long has your business been running?

I can’t quite believe it but KatesCraftWorld has been open since August 2015.

5. What inspires your creations?

Inspiration is a difficult one for me as I don’t make the planters from scratch, I re-purpose plastic ready made toys. The colours I choose literally depend on my mood but I do have particular favourites including metallic gold and mint green!

6. What is your proudest achievement to date?

I would have to say my proudest moments are that my planters and decorations have been used in weddings and baby showers worldwide. Those special celebrations happen once to that family, and knowing my products have been involved is pretty incredible.

7. What is the biggest lesson you have learned?

To be patient, as a small business owner I put way too much pressure on myself to be successful immediately. Back in the early days, I would get so frustrated that my items wouldn’t sell at the rate I expected.

8. What is your favourite make?

I love making them all but my ultimate favourites are the OG dinosaur planters. This is the one I made to jazz up my husbands desk

9. What is the best feedback you have received?

There isn’t one distinct bit of feedback that comes to mind, but I’m happy to say I have a good track record with my Etsy reviews. I’ll get thank you messages once customers have received their order and that’s more than enough. Returning customers are always amazing to see too!

10. Is there anything you regret?

Not doing this sooner? Ha!

11. What are your goals for the future?

I have a few, my main goal is to attend a craft fair/market this year. I was approached by Living North to sell at their Christmas market but I didn’t have enough time to prepare stock, fingers crossed for this year though! I am also working on expanding my party decoration range, so stay tuned for that.

12. What is the best part of being a maker?

It has to be the reaction from my customers when I can fulfil their requests. I get so frustrated when I know exactly what I want but cannot find it on the high street, so when I get messages that start with “I know this might be an unusual request but..” the challenge to meet that is so exciting to me! Most of my orders are unique so it’s never boring as it’s always different.


13. What is your least favourite job to do?

It has to be admin. I keep a spreadsheet for each month with my sales and costs and at the end of each month I have to go through and double-check as I tend to forget to add a few sales, whoops!

14. What advice would you give your old self?

To just go for it and not hold back out of fear of judgement.

15. What advice would you give other makers?

It reverts back to question 7, but to have patience with your shop and to not do too much at once. I am also really bad at neglecting my social media so try to incorporate that side of things earlier on and it’ll be second nature in the future.

To find out more about Kate and to see more of her amazing work, follow her here:

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