A Crafters Dream- A Visit to The Fibre Lounge

Have you ever had one of those utterly brilliant days that has made you smile manically and caused you to rabbit on about it to anyone and everyone who will listen? I've had a day like that today and I was so inspired by what I saw that I just had to dash home and write a blog post about it. This is very out of character for me in terms of my writing style as I like to plan a topic, think of points of discussion and then write it. This post however is very much written from the heart and slightly impulsive in nature so do bare with me if I seem a little excitable, dare I say, giddy!

I had the pleasure of taking a little road trip today to the cute village of Kings Langley which is in Hertfordshire, England. It isn't far from me at all, at only a twenty five minute drive from my home in the neighbouring county of Bedfordshire. In all honesty it is not an area I had ever visited before but as soon as Louisa from The Fibre Lounge opened up her very own craft shop I knew I had to make the trip.

So on a snowy day that is exactly where I ended up! I had seen pictures and videos on Instagram and lots of progress shots along the way, as well as being in on the secret of it opening, but I still wasn't 100% sure of what to expect and very excited to see it in the flesh. Firstly it is ideally situated on the main High Street and with ample (not to mentioned free) parking at numerous locations. The building itself was incredibly sweet and I knew it would be full of character and charm.

I must admit I was totally blown away by the space. For such a quaint small building it certainly had lots of room for all of the stock that Louisa has already built up, with the potential for much more in the future. It featured a beautiful array of colours and textures that would excite anyone who walked in, no matter what your craft or skill level. I found myself in total awe of the beautiful stock on offer, many of which was from other small businesses like myself. There was yarn and wool and tools fit for so many crafts and so much more still to come. I spoke to Louisa for quite some time (whilst warming up with a brew) about the shop, her experience, the response she's had and her plans for the future. It was totally inspiring and in all honesty, I felt excited for her!

Considering it was a cold and snowy Sunday morning, there were plenty of people coming and going and everyone left with something under their arm. There was a real sense of community in the shop by all who came in and Louisa really made it feel accessible, even for an outsider like me to many of the crafts on offer. She was able to give helpful advice to those who came in who weren't quite sure what they were after and everyone who came in left with an even bigger smile than when they entered.

As someone who has worked and continues to work with Louisa it is fantastic to see her get the success she deserves for supporting other small artists whilst building her own business. She already has an array of exciting workshops planned for the coming months as well as events each week, such as drop in sessions to help others with their own projects. It was fantastic to sink into her beautiful bright sofa and talk business and crafts and get honest advice on my future plans. I could have sat there all day and will definitely be popping back to sit on that sofa again, greet those who enter the shop and dare I say get a spot of sewing done too! For me its all about supporting other businesses, building that crafting community and having a sanctuary which is exactly what The Fibre Lounge felt like.

If you would like to stop by (and I strongly encourage you to do so) you can find The Fibre Lounge at 15 High Street, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire. I will also be running workshops here in the future. For more information on this why not visit the 'Events' section of my site or head on over to The Fibre Lounge website to book your place!

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