Why My Workspace Won’t Win Interior Awards But It’s Won My Heart.

I would say it was probably a good six months into my new ‘hobby’ that I realised that a plastic tub and positive thoughts wouldn’t contain my sewing supplies any longer. The hundred, unbranded skeins I bought on eBay and my questionable quality hoops from China along with my one trusty needle certainly needed more space. I think I knew that when the plastic tub broke.

At the very start of my embroidery journey I only worked from this tub and it sat next to my sofa. But soon that tub turned into a box and that box turned into boxes and then it became a tower of mismatched storage that loomed over the arm of my sofa. It was, quite frankly, a mess. I soon realised that keeping all of my supplies and projects in my front room was no longer feasible. Convenient yes, but not really ‘welcome to my stunning, spotless’ home. I also realised this meant only one thing- I needed to tackle the dreaded dumping ground of a spare room. Everyone has a space like that. A place where you hide things from guests, chuck things that you don’t know where else to put and make a pile of ‘I’ll get to that later’ possessions. It just so happened that this place was going to be (and needed to be) my new office.

So I started the mammoth task of organising it. At first it was just a case of sorting through the piles of things that has been strategically ‘dumped’ on the desk. Some call it artistic, others call it mess. Whatever you call it, I knew it had to go. So I moved the desk about and created space for my supplies that I had managed to condense down into one box. That was it. But soon enough I needed more and I realised that simply clearing one area of mess wasn’t going to be enough to sustain this empire I was building. This time I went for it and was moving all kinds of furniture, chucking things I no longer wanted or used and arranged the remaining belongings in a far more sensible way. It still wasn’t beautiful but it certainly helped make the running of my business smoother.

It wasn’t long before there were more problems and using the ironing board as a packaging station was the final straw. I decided I needed to invest in not only my business but myself too. I hunted the internet high and low for the desk of dreams and found one! From Aldi of all places can you believe? I was in love. I drooled, I pined and I wondered but I also waited. I held my nerve and managed to bag it for a whole £19.99 in the sale! This left me with enough pennies to buy a better storage unit too which I also managed to get for a steal using my Tesco Clubcard vouchers.

As I waited for the furniture of dreams to arrive I looked around that cold office and thought. Why is it SO blue? Yes that’s right it was blue. No clean, crisp white walls. No inspiring, cool colour. Blue. Not even a nice blue either and certainly not well painted. Oh the woes of living in a rented place with minimal time and funds. We are fortunate however that we have a lovely landlady who is open to us decorating but sadly with us both working full time we simply don’t have the time to do such an operation. It truly would be an operation too with the amount of stuff we would have to haul out of there including a sofa which we bagged for free that we never want to move again after the upheaval and hilarity of getting it in there in the first place. So I resigned myself to the fact that I would be stuck with those blue walls for the foreseeable future and that all those beautiful spaces I had saved on Pinterest would not be seen in my spare bedroom.

However that did not dampen my spirits and I soon had my furniture in place and was busy faffing. I decided that if I had to have this bright blue in my life forever, I might as well go with a bright, bold theme. After all, I could always have that Pinterest worthy workspace in the future. The main inspiration behind this theme was my pin board. It was full of messages from customers, cards, cartoons and items that I had collected along the way to being a Girl Boss! The walls had pieces of my work and others hanging up and the desk was scattered with trinkets I had bought or been gifted from other talented makers. I loved it. No it isn’t that minimalistic, modern way of living that everyone else convinces you that you want and need. It was a mess but it was my mess and that is what I loved so much about it.

Some of my favourite pieces that I just have to share are definitely the many wonderful messages I have received from happy customers or fellow small business owners. I also love these fab little dinosaurs from the incredibly talented Kate. I have so many of her pieces I can honestly hold up my hands and say that I have lost track and am obsessed. I also love these wall hangings from Hannah who is another small business who started her journey around the same time as me and is someone I have built up an amazing friendship with. I also love these fab storage containers I bagged from BearClaw&Co in their mystery bundle. They definitely look better than the 90’s plastic storage pot I had before that had an array of pencils from many a school trip shop. I also love

Whenever I post photos of this workspace I am always totally blown away by the response. I have love pouring in from so many people, saying how much they love the fun décor and unique style. I always look back at the photos and squint a bit. Really?! I never imagined that it could be seen as ‘stylish’ or ‘trendy’. It was just a way of showcasing my favourite pieces and making it a fun and inspiring place to work. Yes I still have too much ‘stuff’ in there, yes I can only take a photo of the one side and yes it is still used as a laundry room come dumping ground that some days I can barely open the door to. But it is still mine- a little place to escape to and create amazing designs for my customers as well as packaging up their orders.

I am sure that this room will transform even more in the future. Who knows, maybe one day we might be brave and even attempt to paint over the blue that inspired my office in the first place.

… Maybe.

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