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I don’t know about you but I love a bit of post. Not grown up post like bank statements and utility bills but happy mail like those cheeky online orders you made in the dead of night when you really should have gone to sleep hours ago. You know, the ones that seem a fantastic idea at the time but then you wonder why you paid the extortionate fee for next day delivery on something that you ultimately could have lived without. The happiest of mail has to be those pieces made by small businesses that arrive with oodles of washi tape, colourful stickers and confetti!

Well what if you could share these parcels with other like minded people with a passion for the handmade and prettiest packaging? What if you could select the contents for the happiest of all mail that would be sure to bring a smile to someone’s face? What if you would also receive the perfect package in the post? Well this is exactly what Fibre Share brings! So what is it? Fibre Share was set up back in 2015 by two passionate women on a mission to share a love of fibre! It has since grown massively from a small project to a well-oiled machine that unites craft lovers. The premise is simple- fill out a brief form with details about what your craft is, what you like to buy, hobbies, etc and the ladies will find your perfect match! All you need to do is ensure that there is at least 200g of fibre in the package- the rest is yours to fill up and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. If you have a stash of crafting goodies that you haven’t used or a craft you no longer do, these can we sent to your partner! There are deadlines and measures in place to ensure that everyone who takes part receives their share and no one is left empty handed.

I’d heard about Fibre Share a year or more ago and was keen to take part. I just loved the idea of connecting with people over fibre based crafts. As soon as I heard that embroidery had made it into Fibre Share this year, I knew I had to sign up and try it out for myself. I have to say I was very impressed with just how much work, care and consideration had gone into making this project what it was. Regular friendly emails, clear guidelines and lots of inspiration on their social media pages- it was all there. It was no time at all before I received a message sharing who I was partnered with. In this message you find out who you will be sending to and who will be sending to you- it’s a nice way to meet people and mix it up a bit! I was partnered with two lovely ladies who reached out and chatted to me.

It was great to be paired with people who were also new to this experience and covered an array of crafts, much like myself. I spent some time getting to know my partner, Amy from BeetleBugBaby and (as I had learnt from my other partner Lara from LaraMakes) it was important to ask questions outside of what was learnt on the form we had all filled out. All of this information helped me compile the perfect package for Amy. I made sure that I only supported small businesses for all of the items I sent. This can sound expensive but you would be surprised at how affordable shopping small can be. I sent my partner the following-

As you can see it doesn’t have to be full of old tat you don’t want, in fact it was quite the opposite. I fell in love with everything that I bought for my partner and anything I gave away, I selected because I knew someone else would love it too! I chose a selection of DMC threads from my own personal collection that I had duplicates of or used regularly (or both) and the fabric bundle was one that I loved but hadn’t got round to using and knew it would work well for my partners own projects that varied from my own. I also knew that my partner was a beginner at embroidery so I knew that one of my stitch kits would be perfect for her to learn the skills I would teach at my workshops!

So what did I receive? Well my package came all the way from Australia and was packed full of goodies! If I am honest, I was a little overwhelmed. My parcel arrived just as I was feeling poorly and it certainly brightened my day, which is what this project is all about! I received an amazing array of thread, the majority of which came from brands that I had never heard of or seen before which made it even more exciting! Lara also gave me a really gorgeous bundle of fabric and encouraged me to use it for my own projects rather than for selling- which I am totally guilty of doing so I think it just goes to show how well my partner knew me. In our conversations to each other Lara asked me what I used for drawing my designs and from that she sent me some pens to try out opposed to my usual pencil method. All I can say is, I am totally converted! She also sent me some gorgeous handmade earrings and a necklace she had made along with some chocolate and sticky markers. It was perfect!

I can honestly say that I loved the experience and feel really lucky to have been paired with such lovely ladies. Would I do it again? Absolutely! I really enjoyed connecting with new people that I had never seen before on social media and selecting things that would make them happy was really rewarding. I think that everyone needs a bit of happy mail in their life and Fibre Share is just that.

*This post is in no way a paid promotion or endorsement of Fibre Share. This blog post was created by me and all views shared are entirely my own.

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