Most Requested Makes of This Year

Excuse me but, where did the last year go?! I know this is something that everyone and their mother says but seriously, this year has just flown by. I remember writing this very same blog post last year as clear as day yet here I am again at the keyboard about to do it all again.

That being said I do enjoy this particular topic as I find it so satisfying to sit back and reflect on the blur that has been the past year. Last year was full of surprises and with more orders than ever flying in daily it's nice to be able to look back at the past twelve months and see what designs you've gone mad for and what my bestseller of 2018 will be.

1.‘Family Wreath’ Hoop

This piece has rocketed to the top of the chart this year after placing third in 2017. I still can't quite believe at just how successful this piece has been, especially considering I very nearly didn't make it! The design has definitely transformed this year with more colours, different fabrics and even the addition of flowers and bees being added to certain orders! This design has equated to a whopping 31 orders smashing the number of custom orders I have received for 2018. This also equates to 1,550 leaves being hand stitched by yours truly! Other staggering statistics include- 64 favourites and 529 visits on Etsy!

2. ‘Design Your Own’ Floral Wreath Hoop

Last years bestseller and Buzzfeed sensation has dropped to 2nd place this year but it certainly has left quite an impression on my social media followers and continues to be the most liked design on Instagram. I am still a firm believer that this hoop is so popular because of its versatility. It can be rude or it can be heartwarming but either way it is still beautiful. This past year I have stitched 96 roses and 408 leaves on this design alone! It has also received a fair bit of love on Etsy too with 280 visits and 29 favourites.

3. ‘In the Sky' & 'Merry & Bright' Stitch Kits

This is definitely a shock entry for me simply because it wasn't until I stacked up the numbers from my order book that I realised just how many stitch kits I had sold this year. These kits proved particularly popular after my 'Sip & Stitch' Workshop at Cositas in September, in fact they were so popular at the event I actually sold out in two minutes! It is a wonderful feeling to be able to share this craft with others not to mention a nice break from making so many pieces myself! These kits managed to make it to joint third place in this year's list.

4. 'Floral Cluster' Hoop

This is another surprise entry for me this year but I certainly think my large wedding commission had something to do with it's success. I was making this design for quite some time in order to complete this wedding order and I think it really highlighted just how pretty this design was. Again it is another versatile piece that can have a whole host of messages and images inside and it doesn't just have to be for weddings and anniversaries. It's safe to say that I have become somewhat of an expert at making this piece...

5. ‘Mr & Mrs’ Floral Wreath Hoop

Another new entry to the list this year is a piece inspired by my 'Design Your Own' Floral Wreath. This has been as equally popular as the 'Floral Cluster' design and I think the reason for it's success is that it makes the perfect gift for the happy couple or an excellent piece of decor for the big day, without breaking the bank! It certainly has seen a lot of love from Etsy shoppers too with 40 favourites and 424 visits making it the second most viewed piece this year!

I wonder what my most popular hoops of 2019 will be…

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