Meet the Maker: Two Years of Talent

I thought I would round off 2019 with a recap on the amazing and truly unique makers we have had on the blog in the past two years. It seems like the perfect time to do so, not only because its the end of the year and a time for reflection, but also because it marks the end of this feature for a while.

I have loved discovering new businesses and giving them an opportunity to shout about all the incredible things they do, often while juggling everything from working full time, motherhood and so much more! I am always stumbling across new businesses on social media or through handmade selling sites and love to share and support them in whatever way I can, even if that is something as small as sharing their page in my Instastories, liking their photos or saving their shop on Etsy. Every little helps!

I think the main thing I have loved about creating this blog series, is the sheer variety of skills, talents and crafts! We've had weavers, illustrators, printers, designers and stationary makers as well as embroidery artists, jewellers, bakers and everything else in between! It's been wonderful and I really do hope that it has helped you find new businesses to support and order from. I think this small portion of makers gives you an insight into just how much variety is out there. I myself am staggered at just how many businesses there are as I scroll through social media or look on sites such as Etsy and Not On The High Street. It really is staggering! I think this also highlights just how important it is to be seen and that if you find businesses that you adore, you must let them know and shout about how fab they are from the roof tops!

After seeing 23 different creators it seems a good time to take a breather, flex my creative muscles and develop some new content for the blog and my business. That's not to say that this feature won't ever return as I am certain it will, after all there is too much undiscovered talent out there not to continue! I have some exciting projects planned for the future including a new monthly feature which should reveal more about each of my makes and give me a chance to introduce them to you. Watch this space.

If you'd like to look back over the past Meet the Maker Interviews then visit the tag on the blog menu!

All that's left to say is thank you so much for supporting this blogging series over the past two years and I hope you will continue to follow my future posts too!

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