Most Requested Makes of the Last Year

It feels no time at all since I was last gathering the data and creating this blog post but here we are once more. I went into this exercise, feeling fairly confident that I knew what my top five pieces would be but I have to admit, I am slightly taken aback by the chart toppers! Here are your most requested makes of 2019...

1.‘Personalised Logo’ Hoops

Reaching number one this year were my personalised logo commissions and although they do not necessarily feature in the shop that hasn't stopped them becoming the most requested make of the year! I have created no less than thirteen logo hoops of various sizes, designs and complexity. I absolutely love creating these as each one is totally unique which means that although I have made a lot of these this year, I don't feel 'bored' of the design which is always a bonus for any maker.

The most exciting of these logo hoops has to be the piece I created right at the end of the year for Hannah Elizabeth Photography which was a whopping 23 inches in size and took almost six hours to create.

2. ‘Family Name’ Wreath Hoop

Just missing out on the top spot is last year's bestseller, the Family Name Wreath. This design still gets an incredible amount of attention on social media and through my online shops which is just bonkers! This year I have sewn a total of 550 leaves for this design which considering how much I loath stitching them is a miracle in itself!

Could it maintain this amazing momentum for 2020?

3. ‘Floral Cluster' Hoop

Moving up one place this year is the Floral Cluster design which has received a lot of attention, specifically for weddings. I created a total of ten different pieces using this design and this doesn't include other pieces that were created and inspired by these floral elements such as my 'The Ones Who Love Us Never Truly Leave Us' piece. This is another favourite of mine as I just adore the delicate florals and versatility of this design. Fingers crossed it continues climbing in 2020.

4. 'Easily Distracted By Dogs' T-Shirt

A new entry for this years top five is the addition of my clothing range which fused my love of designing with my love of novelty t-shirts for which I am well known for wearing. I owe this reaching this point in the chart to Jen from The Blue Boys as she posted a picture of it online and pretty much made it go viral in a matter of hours! I still have to pinch myself that the ultimate dog mama out there is wearing my t-shirt! It's definitely a highlight of 2019 for me!

Watch this space for more t-shirt designs in 2020...

5. ‘Design Your Own’ Floral Wreath Hoop

Just clinging on to the list is our 2017 bestseller and Buzzfeed sensation, the 'Design Your Own' Floral Wreath hoop. This was once a hoop that I got sick of sewing due to popular demand but now I actually thoroughly enjoy making it as I know it so well I could probably do it in my sleep! As always the suggestions for quotes and colours have been as amazing as always, with my personal favourite of 'The cats have been fed, don't believe their bullshit' inspiring my own design of 'I talk shit about you with my dogs'. In total I have sewn 56 roses, 238 roses and 182 french knots for this design alone!

Another honourable mention and one that just missed out on the top five is of course the 'She Didn't Give a Fuck' Floral Wreath hoop which has been incredibly popular this year. I genuinely thought this would come out on top which just goes to show how many hoops I've made over the year for it to be so fiercely competitive. 

So there you have it, my most requested makes of 2019. I would just like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me in 2019, whether you ordered or not. Your support means the absolute world to me! Let's see what 2020 holds for this little business of mine...

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