Meet our Piece of the Month- January

So after the huge success of last year's 'Piece of the Month' offer my amazing followers requested that it was continued again this year! Not one to do the same thing twice I figured that the offer would pair perfectly with our blog. Each month when we announce our new discounted product we will also give it a proper introduction over on our blog. You'll get to hear the stories behind the designs, why they've been picked as our piece that month, personalisation options and of course lots and lots of photos to inspire you!

This month's chosen piece is our 2018 Bestseller and Buzzfeed sensation, 'Design Your Own Floral Wreath'.

I chose this as our discounted piece this month as it is so incredibly versatile and seemed the perfect place to display your New Year mantra, whatever that may be. It's safe to say 2020 threw all it could at us and I dare say it's made many of us reflect on what is important and what we want 2021to bring us. No matter what your mantra is, we can stitch it in our fun floral hoop. Not only can you choose your own message but you can also choose a different fabric colour and thread colours for your roses, foliage and text! The possibilities are endless and we've certainly seen our fair share of personalisation requests over the years.

So how was this design born I hear you ask? Was it always destined to be a Bestseller? Well, actually no. I first used this floral wreath design for a small hoop that I created in my early days of building a business. At that time the leaves weren't filled in and the roses were much, much smaller. That piece never sold and I ended up ditching the design and reusing the hoop for another project. The floral wreath wasn't used again for some time and only reappeared when I created the 'Call Your Fucking Mother' hoop which was actually a custom order. It was later featured on Buzzfeed's '21 Ways To Swear Like A Fucking Lady' article. From there it exploded and I ended up getting a huge order from a customer in Saudi Arabia and continued making many more floral wreath hoops for months and months until I was sick of the sight of them! It took me a long time to recover from that 'sickness'. Fortunately now I am back to loving the design!

But what should I order? Well here are some of our previous orders to inspire you...

You can order your very own floral wreath here. Remember it is discounted at 15% off for this month only so don't delay! You can choose from a variety of hoop sizes and fabric colours but be sure to remember to leave your chosen message and thread colours in the notes section, making sure you check spelling as all orders will be sewn as written in this section. No one wants a hoop that says 'For ducks sake' now do they? Curse that damn autocorrect!

Watch this space to find out more about our other featured designs for our 'Piece of the Month' offer.

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