Most Requested Makes of the Year

It's that time again when I dive into the archives (or in this case a whopping three order books) to find out what products you've gone mad for this year! I always love finding the details for this annual blog post because I'm genuinely surprised by the outcome of my top five. There are some hoops that I feel like I haven't stopped making that don't end up making it into the list and those that I have simply forgotten about that jump to the top! So without any further ado, here are your most requested makes of 2020...

1.‘Personalised Logo’ Hoops

For the second year in a row, my personalised logo hoops have remained at the top! Now I must admit that I am not at all surprised that they are number one because for months and months all I did was make them! Again, they may not be listed in my shop (because they are almost impossible to price for everyone's unique logos) but that hasn't stopped the requests coming in. I created more logo hoops than last year with 22 hoops being ordered and made. I have to give a special mention to Little Beasties who shared the most amazing photos of her surprise logo hoop that I made for her and recommended me left right and centre to her own customers and followers.

I think out of all the logo hoops that I've made this year, the one that stands out most for me has to be the piece I made for Little Swallow. I remember spending hours on this hoop and a lot of that time was spent doubting my abilities and whether or not I could deliver something that looked close to the actual and incredibly beautiful logo. But I overcame those doubts, learnt a lot from this hoop and now I get to see it regularly shared on social media by someone who adores it! I think for this reason it has to be my personal favourite.

2. ‘Let's Stay Home' Stitch Kit

Missing out on the top spot is a new addition to my shop this year which is our first Stitch Kit in our recent relaunch. We wanted to reboot our previous kits with totally new designs and new packaging that felt more in keeping with the rest of our brand. This relaunch and design came at the perfect time as the UK was plunged into our first lockdown due to COVID-19. You all adored our 'Lets Stay Home' Stitch Kit and gave us the confidence to create our Festive Stitch Kit later in the year too.

Watch this space for our next Stitch Kit that is coming in 2021...

3. ‘Mini Christmas Car' Hoop

Jumping into third place out of nowhere this year was our ever so sweet, 'Mini Christmas Car' hoops. Considering these only landed on our website back in October, that hasn't stopped you ordering them like mad! These hoops have been in our Festive Collection for the past few years now and I know they are firm favourites with our followers, both new and old, so it's great to see them make an appearance in our top five list.

4. 'Christmas Holly Wreath' Hoop

Another new entry for this years top five is the addition of our 'Christmas Holly Wreath' hoop. We added these as our 'Piece Of The Month' in November and you all went mad for them! That being said there were some early birds among you who ordered it way back in June too! There have been all sorts of amazing colour combinations this year but my favourite has to be the slate grey fabric and white text combination which was ordered just before we closed. In fact, we love it so much that it's on our list of pieces to make for our own home!

5. ‘Botanical’ Hoop

A new entry, not only into this list but into our shop as well is our 'Botanical' Hoop range that was created towards the end of this year. The possibilities for this collection were endless which I think is why it was so popular with you all. It's fantastic to see that a new design and concept for 2020 was received so well and this gives us confidence for future designs moving forward.

Another honourable mention and one that just missed out on the top five is another new design for this year which was our much loved 'Weasley Christmas Jumper' hoops. These were the last pieces I designed for our new Festive Collection that launched in October and very much a last minute stroke of genius from my exhausted brain (and fingers). We had an incredible response to them and lots of personalised jumpers are now happily in their new homes to be enjoyed all year round!

It should also be noted that once again we have excluded custom orders from our Top Five list as they would certainly reign supreme each and every year! Thank you for trusting us with such personal pieces and we hope that their reign as the most popular request for our business long continues because we absolutely love making them!

So there you have it, my most requested makes of 2020 and what a year it has been too! I would just like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me in this uncertain time and for making it the best business year I have ever had, in so many ways. Whether you ordered or not, your support means the absolute world to me! Let's see what 2021 holds for this little business of mine...

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